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WBFC is governed by a Board of Directors constituted under the State Financial Corporations Act, 1951 having representatives from GOWB, SIDBI, State Bank of India, Life Insurance Corporation of India and other dignitaries having industrial and financial experience and exposure.


The Operation Department headed by a  General Manager looks after the sanction of loan proposals received from the entrepreneurs. The Disbursement Department, headed by a  General Manager, takes care of the release of the sanctioned loan . The Monitoring Department headed by a  General Manager, takes care of the monitoring of the projects. The Non Performing Assets Management [NPAM], headed by a General Manager , deals with the recovery of loan funds.


The support departments are the Administration Department, the Internal Audit Cell, the Insurance Cell which looks after the insurance of the assets of the project, the Law Cell helping the entrepreneurs in drawing the covenants. To address the grievances of the public with transparency and alacrity the Corporation has Grievance Cell and a Vigilance Cell to deal with the related issues. The Right to Information Cell is also very active in the Corporation and disposes of the issues in terms of the RTI Act, 2005.


The entrepreneurs from any corner of the State can contact / call on any of our 3 branches located at the district headquarters or Head Office at Kolkata with their loan proposals which are disposed of as quickly as possible. Primarily the Corporation extends long term loan to the entrepreneurs for acquiring fixed and other assets required for a manufacturing or service industry viz., land, building, plant & machinery, miscellaneous other fixed assets like electrical equipment, furniture & fixtures etc. However, the Corporation may also consider other assistance associated with project financing.  

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